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The Ohio Water Resources Center has created an interactive project map that displays both the scope and depth of our funded projects in Ohio over the last 10 years. We hope this technology will be useful to scientists, stakeholders, and government representatives to better understand the impact of...
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Our February 2024 newsletter is out now! Click here to learn about our recent research on the impact of acid mine drainage on watersheds, how pesticides may be impacting aquatic macroinvertebrates, water-related news and policy updates, and upcoming events and opportunities.
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World Water Day is an annual United Nations Observance that celebrates and brings awareness to the importance of freshwater, and it's been observed since 1993. The theme for 2024 is "Leveraging Water for Peace." Click here to learn more about this year's theme from the UN.
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Ohio WRC February Newsletter
First Annual Interdisciplinary Water Research Symposium
Information on East Palestine Train Derailment
Ohio WRC Announces Funding for Projects Starting This Year
Our North Coast: An insight into Intergovernmental stewardship to improve Lake Erie from Ontario to Ohio
World Water Day 2024

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