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The Ohio Water Resources Center (WRC) promotes innovative, water-related research in the State of Ohio through research grant competitions, coordination of interdisciplinary research proposals, and educational outreach activities.

 As a National Institute for Water Resources, the Ohio WRC is the federally-authorized and state-designated Water Resources Research Institute for the State of Ohio. Funded Universities in the last five yearsFunded Universities in the last five years

Over the years, more than 85 water researchers, representing 25 different Ohio State University programs, have been supported by funds from the Ohio WRC. The impact of the Ohio WRC is not limited to OSU; it spans the entire State. For example, in 2013 the Ohio WRC initiated funding for four new research projects and continued support for six ongoing projects conducted at OSU and other Ohio universities, including: University of Toledo, University of Cincinnati, Ohio Northern University, Bowling Green State, Kent State and Youngstown State University. These funds, although small in scope, help to provide critical support needed to seed innovative research ideas and provide crucial education for undergraduate, master’s, and PhD student researchers. Thus, within the State of Ohio, the Ohio WRC has a unique and important role to foster the development of water expertise. Undergraduate and graduate student support by the Ohio WRC has been steadily increasing over the years, with a number of these students continuing on in water-related fields.

Currently, Ohio WRC activities focus around the issues of algal blooms and nutrients, the water and energy nexus, and water supply and technologies. Ohio WRC directors and associate director are active participants in many important local and national organizations that deal with water issues research, education and policy decisions. In addition to supporting research, the Ohio WRC helps to organize and hosts a variety of water-related seminars, conferences and outreach programs. Ohio WRC’s community outreach efforts to the younger generations include sponsorship of the Ohio Water Education Program and Project WET, and participation in the Central Ohio Children’s Water Festival.