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Ohio WRC RFP released

This is an announcement and Request for Proposals for three competitive grant programs conducted through the Ohio Water Resources Center, The Ohio State University.

104(B) COMPETITION -This annual competition for in-state researchers is held through the Water Resources Research Institute (WRRI) Program. Although Congress has not yet finalized the appropriation process for this fiscal year's program, this call for proposals must be made at this time in order to meet expected program deadlines. Approximately $85,000 will be available to fund a small number of water related research projects relevant to the state. The projects require a cost share of two non-federal dollars for every one federal dollar. Grants will be restricted to novel, substantive research topics important to the State of Ohio, with preference to investigators early in their careers. Graduate and/or undergraduate student support is normally expected to be a component of each proposal. 

2014 SPECIAL WATER AND WASTEWATER TREATMENT GRANT COMPETITION: Ohio WRC. The Ohio Water Resources Center is also sponsoring a special research grant competition on the subject of water and wastewater treatment, which includes chemical, biological, physical, economic, and management aspects. Proposals submitted as part of the 104(B) competition will also be considered as part of this special research grant competition.

2014 OFFICE OF ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT WATER-ENERGY NEXUS FUNDING FOR OSU INVESTIGATORS. Through a partnership with the Office of Energy and the Environment (OEE) at OSU, up to $50,000 in additional funding is available to OSU investigators.  This funding may be used to reduce the required cost share and/or extend the scope of a research project proposed under the 104(B) or Special Water and Wastewater Treatment Grant Competition.  In order to qualify for this additional funding, the proposed project must clearly address a problem related to the water-energy nexus.

Proposals under this Announcement will be accepted only through the Internet site at application deadline for Ohio proposals will be 5:00 PM, Friday, December 6, 2013.