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Congratulations to the first recipient of the Shumate Memorial Fund!

Ohio WRC has awarded the Shumate Memorial Fund fellowship to M.S. student, Danielle Kohan.

Danielle is a graduate student through the Environmental Sciences Graduate Program at The Ohio State University, focusing on the water issues track. Her research explores the potential of ultrasound to remediate contaminated river sediment.

Danielle worked as the graduate administrative assistant for the Ohio WRC during the 2017-2018 academic year. She helped focus communication efforts by accompanying funded Ohio WRC researchers to the field and creating written pieces that can reach any audience. She also helped plan Ohio WRC events, meetings, and seminars that took place throughout the year.


Kenesaw S. Shumate Memorial Fund

The Kenesaw S. Shumate Memorial Fund was established October 5, 1979, by the Board of Trustees of The Ohio State University with gifts to The Ohio State University Development Fund from friends and colleagues of Kenesaw S. Shumate, Professor of Civil Engineering and Chemical Engineering, and former Director of the Water Resources Center, late of Columbus, Ohio. This fund is to be used to provide scholarship assistance to graduate students pursuing a degree in the water resources area. The selection is to be made upon the recommendation of the Scholarship Committee of the Water Resources Center and would be based on nominations submitted by the graduate student’s faculty advisor.