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Ohio EPA issues guidelines to keep lead out of drinking water (Via Dayton Daily News)

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency released new guidance and regulations that would change how Ohio public water systems alert residents and businesses when replacing lead service lines.

New regulations require every public water system in Ohio now must notify residents or business owners 45 days before making repairs to water lines that contain lead. Water systems are also now required to provide filters to residents for up to three months after work is complete, the new regulations state.

A document released today also states there is some evidence that when lead service lines are disturbed during water line work, lead may be released into the drinking water — “potentially reaching the consumer’s tap.”

Public water systems regularly conduct partial lead service line replacements, when utility-owned service lines under the streets are replaced but the lines that property owners use to bring water into their buildings are not replaced. Under federal law, cities and municipalities are required to replace the utility-owned part of the service lines . Property owners are responsible for the lines on their more.