Ohio Water Resources Center recognized as one of the nation's best at addressing water issues

Posted: January 17, 2020

Based in The Ohio State College of Engineering, the Ohio Water Resources Center (Ohio WRC) is one of 54 Water Resources Research Institutes nationwide federally authorized by the Water Resources Research Act to promote and fund research and outreach activities concentrated on common water issues of local and regional interest.

Recently a panel appointed by the U.S. Geological Survey determined Ohio WRC is one of twelve performing at an outstanding level. This status ensures eligibility for continued funding under the Act.

The panel’s findings included recognition of the center’s significant impacts on state and regional water management through more than 50 water research projects it has funded in the past decade. Its research activities are focused on water quality, water technologies, and water and energy. The panel also was impressed with the creation of the Ohio water researcher database that includes approximately 240 researchers from 14 major universities in Ohio.

This result comes after many years of concerted efforts by center Co-directors John Lenhart and Linda Weavers and Associate Director Zuzana Bohrerova to increase visibility, align funding, outreach and education with state water issues, and improve the funding process for researchers.

“We are excited to build on this panel review result and recommendations and are progressing towards our strategic goals to improve Ohio WRC funding for researchers and further cultivate state partnerships,” said Weavers. “Solving state and regional water issues will require extensive collaboration of many different stakeholders, and we are excited to do our part.”

In addition to supporting research, the Ohio WRC participates in and hosts a variety of water-related seminars, conferences and outreach programs. Ohio WRC’s community outreach efforts to the younger generations include sponsorship of the Ohio Water Education Program and Project WET, and participation in the Central Ohio Children’s Water Festival.

The Water Resources Research Act Program is a Federal-State partnership that plans, facilitates, and conducts research that helps resolve State and regional water problems; promotes technology transfer; promotes dissemination and application of research; trains scientists through participation in research; and awards competitive grants under the Water Resources Research Act.