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Information on East Palestine Train Derailment


The Ohio Water Resources team has been diligently following the evolving situation in East Palestine, and the surrounding area, regarding the recent train derailment. The Ohio Emergency Management Agency, Ohio EPA, and US EPA are monitoring the impacted area. These organizations are managing the emergency, helping local community members, and measuring water, air, and soil quality to better understand where the chemicals are located, chemical quantity levels, and where the chemicals are going. Most of the chemicals released are used in chemical processing to make items we use on a daily basis, like PVC pipes and other products. 

Useful websites to learn more about what is happening:

East Palestine, Ohio Train Derailment Emergency Response | US EPA

East Palestine Train Derailment Information | Ohio Environmental Protection Agency 

EPA Surface Water Sampling:

EPA On-Scene Coordinator: 

Governor DeWine Press Releases (Sign up to receive updates in the bottom right-hand corner) 

Greater Cincinnati Water Works News Release on the Spill: 


In addition, we have received several requests for water testing kits. Unfortunately, the Ohio Water Resources Center does not provide water testing kits. If you are interested in testing your water, here are resources to do so:

List of certified Ohio laboratories for water testing: 

Interpreting laboratory results: 


You can also reach out to the OSU Extension office in your county as they may be able to assist in answering questions. Additionally, some county soil and water conservation districts offer water and soil testing programs. To see if this is available in your area,  search “soil water conservation district” along with the name of the county you live in to find contact information and learn about available programming. 

Please reach out if we can be of help!