Ohio State Undergraduate Water Resources Degree Programs

Ohio State's has a variety of environmental undergraduate degree programs that offer a curriculum including water resources.

Environmental Engineering

The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering degree at The Ohio State University will train the next generation of environmental engineering professionals for the state of Ohio, and thereby support the state in meeting goals for development in an environmentally responsible manner, and assist Ohio in becoming a leader in the creation and application of new environmental technologies. More information.


Civil Engineering

In the 21st Century, the demand for civil engineers will increase significantly caused by the nation's mobilization and productive effort to rebuild the nation's infrastructure - our highways, bridges, tunnels, dams, harbors, airports, waterways, railways, power plants, air quality, drainage systems, waste disposal, and sewage plants. More information.


School of Environment and Natural Resources (SENR)

The many faces of the School of Environment and Natural Resources invite you to discover our extension and outreach programs, our multiple research locations, the academic programs our students are engaged in, and the research being conducted by our faculty. Let this site be your guide in your discovery through this amazing school- it is our passion to help you find your fit at The Ohio State University's School of Environment and Natural Resources and make your SENR experience exceptional. More information.


SENR - Environmental Science/Water Science

This specialization addresses the role that freshwater plays in our human and natural  systems, competing and growing demands for water, and the influences of changes in climate and land-use on our water resources. View Environmental Science major requirements. More information.


College of Publich Health - Environmental Public Health

Under the BSPH degree, environmental health science is strategically blended with courses from the earth sciences in the College of Arts & Sciences to form a relatively unique interdisciplinary undergraduate specialization in Environmental Public Health. This program will provide a broad pre-professional foundation covering basic and applied science and math relative to sources of contaminants from and fate in air, water, soil, and food and the related aspects of human exposure and impact. More information.


School of Earth Sciences - Earth Science, Earth System Science, and Geophysics

The major includes course preparation in physical geology and historical geology, and then advanced undergraduate courses in subjects such as mineralogy and field geology. Students then choose among other subjects that include sedimentology, paleontology, and geophysics. Advanced courses allow students to specialize in areas such as environmental geology, water science, geophysics, and climate change. More information.