Every year, Ohio Water Resources Center (WRC) personnel lecture at universities, seminars, and conferences, function on professional and NGO advisory boards, co-sponsor and co-organize conferences and seminars, and transfer technical research information to public and state stakeholders to help inform regulations, policy, and management. Ohio WRC is teaching water professionals, educators, citizens and the next generation to be water smart. We strive to share relevant information with the community in easily accessible formats, through our involvement in local activities, email communications, and our webpage.

Youth Water Education

Everybody knows that the youth are the future, no matter what endeavours they pursue. The Ohio WRC strives to educate the Ohio youth through outreach events,  and by providing resources to educators to use for teaching the Ohio youth about water. We also co-lead regional research project that aims to idetify gaps in youth water education and recognize barriers for educators. More information.

Citizen Science and Monitoring

Citizen scientists are vital members of the research community, especially with respect to Ohio's water resources. There are a variety of citizen organization and groups that volunteer their time, efforts, and expertise to monitor and improve Ohio's water resources. Whether it's collecting water samples, counting macroinvertebrates, or cleaning up river banks, citizen scientists are bettering our state's water resources. More information.

Professional Education

Educating proefssionals, teachers, and studnets is essential to the goals of the Ohio WRC. Whether you are looking to obtain professional development hours (PDHs), continuing education units (CEUs), or just trying to learn, the Ohio WRC has a variety of opportunities for you. In collaboration with our partners, we offer a variety of presentations, luncheons, conferences, and seminars. More information.