Management of Algal Growth in Ohio's Medium-Size Lakes

The Ohio Water Resources Center at the university’s Department of Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering, OSU Extension, and the Ohio Lake Management Society partners in a program funded by the OSU CARES grant focused on suistainable algae lake management.


Medium-sized lakes are frequently managed by multiple private owners or homeowner associations and are currently highly underserved in Ohio. Managers of medium-sized lakes often act on limited information and in isolation from other lake managers. However, if informed and supported properly, these locations might be the optimal “testing beds” for new and sustainable lake management technologies. This funding will initiate a Lake Management Stewardship program in Medina County with potential to grow and develop in other counties. Furthermore we believe that the mutually beneficial partnership between OSU Extension personnel and the Ohio Water Resources Center has a high potential of addressing needs related to water issues in Ohio by extending science-based knowledge and information to lake managers and other key stakeholders, informing academics about the research needs of lake managers, and coordinating training and education of citizens on current water issues.