The Ohio WRC works with water professionals, state and federal agencies, Ohio academic institutions and NGOs, creating a powerful alliance of research and educational capabilities. The Ohio WRC strives to provide valuable resources for researchers, policy-makers, students, and the public, promoting a deeper connection within Ohio to our water resources.

Professional Resources

Sustainable water management strategies demand collaboration among researchers, stakeholders and governing bodies. Ohio WRC supports water related research relevant to the State of Ohio. Furthermore we connect researchers from multiple Ohio Universities with federal and state agency representatives, water management professionals, non-governmental organizations and the public. More information.

Public Resources

Ohio has an abundance of water resources that support many human activities, and nature. Water in Ohio is used for energy production, drinking, recreation, farming, and industry. Many organizations in Ohio aim to conserve water and use it sustainably. Below you can find some links that might help enahnce your understanding of this resource, and help you get involved in its protection. More Information.

Student Resources

In this section, students can find links to water related internships, scholarships and awards. And, don't forget to check out the sidebar for water-related volunteer opportunities and university student groups around the State. More Information.