WMAO Newsletters

The Water Management Association of Ohio (WMAO) distributes a quarterly newsletter, The Ohio Water Table, that presents activity within the organization as well as relevant news on Ohio water resources and upcoming events. WMAO Divisions and their partners, such as the Ohio WRC, are highlighted in each issue.

Archived Issues:


Water Management Association of Ohio (WMAO)

The Ohio Water Resources Center is an Institutional Member of the WMAO and organizes joint, quarterly luncheon series as well as supports conferences and outreach activities coordinated by WMAO.

Membership in this non-profit volunteer association consists of over 250 individuals, organizations, firms, corporations, districts, authorities, state and federal agencies, counties, cities, towns, and other entities interested in water-related topics and issues in the State of Ohio.

For more information on WMAO and upcoming activities, visit their website here.

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