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Sustainable algal management of medium-sized lakes

A newly funded OSU CARES seed grant will facilitate a new partnership between the Ohio Water Resources Center in the College of Engineering and OSU Extension personnel in the School of Environment and Natural Resources to address sustainable algal management of Ohio’s medium-sized lakes.
Medium-sized lakes are frequently managed by multiple private owners or homeowner associations and are currently underserved in Ohio. Managers of medium-sized lakes often act on limited information and in isolation from other lake managers. However, if informed and supported properly, these locations might be the optimal “testing beds” for new and sustainable lake management technologies. This funding will initiate a Lake Management Stewardship program in Medina County with potential to grow and develop in other counties. 
Principal Investigators on the newly funded grant include: Zuzana Bohrerova, Research Specialist and Associate Director, Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering, Ohio Water Resources Center, College of Engineering; Eugene Braig, Program Director, Aquatic Ecosystems, School of Environment and Natural Resources, FAES and OSU Extension; Joseph Bonnell, Program Director, Watershed Management, School of Environment and Natural Resources, FAES and OSU Extension
Partner(s): Susan James, Leader of CLAM Program, Ohio Lake Management Society (OLMS)
The OSU CARES seed grants program recognized its 2016 awards at the annual Ohio State University Patterson Lecture and Outreach and Engagement Forum. The OSU CARES Seed Grants Program supports interdisciplinary teams for expanded outreach and engagement. OSU CARES Seed Grants provide up to $25,000 per team to seed new or expanded partnerships. These grants are awarded in spring each year.