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Environmental Remediation And Energy Reclamation From Natural Water Matrices And Wastewater By Solar Photocatalytic Technology (Via Science Trends)

Both water and energy are key sustainability issues that need to be addressed. To this end, photocatalysis is advantageous not only for expediting environmental remediation but also for energy generation.

However, the development of novel functional materials and the lack of understanding of the influences in the photocatalytic reaction are still key technical barriers impeding the commercialization of photocatalytic technology.

Three dimensional (3D) carbon nitride structures achieve longer-range orders between individual carbon nitride sheets compared with bulk carbon nitride and have more space for mass transportation or storage for electron/ion, gas, and liquid. Such superior structure characteristics endow favorable light-trapping and efficient separation of charge carrier during the photocatalytic process. Therefore, constructing 3D carbon nitride with an ordered porous structure for the removal of antibiotics in water is more.